Package org.openhealthexchange.openpixpdq.ihe.audit

Interface Summary
IMessageTransmitter Interface for sending messages.

Class Summary
AuditObjectFactory A class for generating IHE ATNA log messages.
AuditTrailDescription The description of an audit trail connection.
BsdMessenger Sends the message to a given BSD logger.
EventId Used internally to define the different possible events.
IheAuditTrail The base implementation of an audit message class.
Log4JMessenger A messenger that uses Log4j to send the audit trail messages.
ParticipantObject ParticipantObject get the participant info to the Audit Trail.
RSyslogMessenger This is the secure logging message implementation.

Enum Summary
IMessageTransmitter.Severity Severity levels used in both RFC 3164 (BSD Syslog) and RFC 3195 (Rsyslog)