Package org.openhealthexchange.openpixpdq.ihe.impl_v2

Class Summary
BaseHandler The base class of all handlers.
PdQueryHandler This class processes PDQ query message in HL7 v2.5 format.
PdSupplier This is the Patient Demographics Supplier (PDS) actor, the server side actor of the IHE Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) profile.
PixFeedHandler This class processes PIX Feed message in HL7 v2.3.1 format.
PixFeedHandlerV25 PixFeedHandlerV25 is a message handler similar to PixFeedHandler.
PixManager This is the Patient Identifier Cross-referencing (PIX) Manager actor, the server side actor of the IHE PIX profile.
PixQueryHandler This class processes PIX Query message in HL7 v2.5 format.
PixUpdateNotificationRequest The request class of PIX update notification, which is used to notify subscribed PIX Consumers when there is change in a set of cross reference patient identifiers for any of the patient identifiers belonging to patient identifier domains of interest to the PIX consumers.